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We value Work Ethics & Environment as it helps in creating a Creative Thinktank
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Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
John Doe

Aman Khalid


Over the course of two years, I have worked with upcoming startups in NCR region. My strength lies in building scalable apps that can create a seamless experience for the users.

Josh Clark

Rahul Chauhan


Many Veterans in India believe that impact in startup scene comes from people with a strong background, working on proven models. I'm working through nights to create remarkable web apps so that my ideologies see the day.

Mary Jane

Dhruv Ratna


An enthusiastic fresher with highly motivated and leadership skills pursuing bachelors of engineering degree in Computer science engineering.

Nix Maxwell

Ayush Shukla


"Hunger trumps talent." I have built a media company, in which we worked with celebrities and influencers. Have built more than 1 M USD in sales. I love meeting new people.